What is rice purity test urban dictionary?

What is rice purity test urban dictionary?

The Rice Purity Test, as per Urban Dictionary, is a self-graded survey that aims to assess the degree of innocence or purity of the test-taker based on their life experiences. It contains 100 questions covering a range of activities, with the score calculated based on the activities the test-taker has not engaged in.

The Rice Purity Test is a quiz that measures a person’s level of innocence based on their experiences and behavior, and has gained popularity among college students. However, on Urban Dictionary, the term “Rice Purity Test” has taken on a vulgar and inappropriate meaning, referring to a sexual act.

Urban Dictionary is a user-generated website with often vulgar and offensive definitions, and the “Rice Purity Test” entry is no exception.

Therefore, caution is needed when using Urban Dictionary, as its content may not be reliable or appropriate. The true meaning of the Rice Purity Test is the original quiz developed at Rice University, and any other use of the term is not related to the original intent of the test.

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