Who created rice purity?

Who created rice purity?

It is not clear who created the Rice Purity Test, as there are several different versions of the test circulating online and in various college communities.

Some sources attribute the creation of the test to a group of students at Rice University in Houston, Texas, who developed it in the 1980s as a way to measure their own innocence and compare it with that of their peers. However, there is no official documentation or confirmation of this origin story, and it is likely that the test was created independently by multiple individuals or groups over time.

Regardless of its origin, the Rice Purity Test has become a popular tool for college students to gauge their own level of innocence and compare it with others. It is often used as a conversation starter or party game, and some colleges even administer the test to incoming freshmen as part of orientation or alcohol education programs.

Overall, the creator of the Rice Purity Test remains a mystery, but its popularity and widespread use suggest that it will continue to be a cultural phenomenon for years to come.

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