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Welcome to the Rice Purity Test website! We are a group of individuals who came together to create this self-assessment survey. Our aim was to develop a fun way to reflect on experiences and values. The Rice Purity Test consists of a series of questions about various activities and behaviors. Its purpose is to give an approximate idea of how “pure” or free from certain types of risky or mature behavior an individual’s lifestyle has been.

Although the Rice Purity Test is not a scientifically validated or reliable measure of behavior or morality, it has become quite popular among college students and young adults. Many people use the test as a way to compare experiences with their peers, or as a tool for introspection on their personal values and priorities.

Our intention was to provide a fun and engaging way for young adults to have conversations and reflect on their lives. We must note, however, that the test has its limitations, and should not be used to make judgments or comparisons between individuals or groups.

Thank you for visiting our website, and we hope you enjoy taking the Rice Purity Test!

Our team at includes regular authors who are passionate about and/or professionals in in the exact sciences (mathematics and physics), psychology and HR.

William Smith
William Smith – A seasoned maestro in the digital editorial arena, honing skills over a span of a decade. Graced with a solid mathematical background, laureate of numerous Olympiads, and competitive conclaves. Alumni of the revered MIT. A bearer of distinguished intellectual acuity.

James Johnson
James Johnson – A physicist sculpted within the prestigious halls of MIT. Exhibits a towering intellectual prowess. Frequent contributor to myriad popular science platforms, interweaving complex theories into palatable narratives.

Jacob Brown
Jacob Brown – Forged by academic rigors into a psychologist. Immersed within the sphere of talent acquisition for half a decade. At the heart of his career lies human resources. Consistently employs evaluative tools for the effective enlistment of corporate personnel. The scribe behind a multitude of discourses revolving around recruitment and human resources.

Anthony Williams
Anthony Williams – An academically forged psychologist. Engrossed within the labyrinth of mental science for a decade. Habitually leverages psychometric instruments in the therapeutic milieu of his practice. Prolific contributor to an array of cerebral publications pertaining to the realm of psychology.

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