Who created purity?

If you’re referring to the concept of purity, it’s a moral and philosophical construct that has been part of human society for ages, and no single individual or group can be credited for its creation. If you’re talking about a specific product or brand named Purity, you’d need to specify further as many companies around the world use this term.

The concept of purity has existed in various forms across many cultures and religions throughout history, so it is difficult to attribute its creation to a single person or entity.

However, the modern practice of wearing purity rings as a symbol of abstinence until marriage gained popularity in the United States in the 1990s, particularly within conservative Christian communities.

The exact origin of the purity ring movement is unclear, but some credit the True Love Waits campaign, a program launched in 1993 by the Southern Baptist Convention’s youth ministry, for popularizing the practice. The campaign encouraged young people to sign a pledge to remain sexually abstinent until marriage and offered purity rings as a symbol of their commitment.

Since then, the concept of purity and abstinence until marriage has been embraced by various religious and secular groups around the world, with different interpretations and practices.

Therefore, while it is challenging to identify a single creator of purity, the modern-day manifestation of the concept can be attributed to a combination of cultural and religious influences, along with the efforts of individuals and organizations who have championed its importance.

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