What does a 90 on the rice purity test mean?

A score of 90 on the Rice Purity Test implies a high level of ‘purity.’ The Rice Purity Test is a self-graded survey that assesses one’s participation in various activities, many of which are considered societal taboos. A higher score indicates lesser participation in such activities.

A score of 90 on the Rice Purity Test is considered relatively high and is indicative of a person who is generally pure in their behavior. It suggests that the individual has not engaged in many risky or morally questionable activities, such as drug use or promiscuous sexual behavior. However, it is essential to note that the Rice Purity Test is not a definitive measure of a person’s purity, and the results should be taken with a grain of salt.

It is also crucial to understand that the test does not determine a person’s worth or value as an individual. The score on the test should not be used to judge or shame individuals based on their behavior. Rather, the test is intended to be a tool for self-reflection and self-assessment, allowing individuals to examine their behavior and make choices that align with their values and beliefs.

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