Is a 95 good on the rice purity test?

A score of 95 on the Rice Purity Test suggests a high degree of ‘purity’ according to the test’s criteria. This means the respondent hasn’t engaged in many of the experiences listed. However, whether this is “good” or not depends on personal beliefs and perspectives.

The higher the score, the less pure or innocent the person is considered to be. Therefore, a score of 95 on the Rice Purity Test indicates that the person has only answered a few questions in a way that suggests they have engaged in questionable or risky behaviors.

While a score of 95 might suggest that the individual has lived a relatively innocent life, it is important to note that a high score does not necessarily mean that a person is better than someone who scores lower. The score does not take into account the individual’s values, beliefs, or personal circumstances. What one person might consider “pure,” another person might not.

In the end, the Rice Purity Test is just a fun and informal way to reflect on one’s past and current behaviors. There is no one “normal” or “good” score on the Rice Purity Test. Instead, the score should be interpreted in the context of the individual’s values and personal beliefs. Ultimately, what matters most is that the individual is happy and satisfied with the life they have lived.

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